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21 June 2008 @ 02:33 pm
summer solstice  
It's the longest day of the year and I'm really enjoying June as always.

I'm typing this from my boat at the new ramp at Chilo on the Ohio River. I'm thinking of Mom again because in June of 2002 Mom, Dad, and I took a riverboat cruise from Cincinnati to Augusta, and I remember how interesting these historic buildings here at Chilo looked when we passed them.

They are the old Lock and Dam 34 powerhouse and company town, restored as a wonderful park now by Clermont County.

I got familiar with the staff here when I launched my boat because the annual Ohio River cleanup is today and they were out in a canoe taking part. They found one of the navigation buoys that must have been chewed up by a towboat propeller. It was twisted like a pretzel. Some of the buoys on my charts are missing and this must be one of them. The park staffer says he will call the Corps of Engineers so they can pick it up.

I told them I will be leaving my car here in the lot by the ramp overnight because I will be camping out on the river.

They said that's fine and wished me a good weekend.

I want to do some exploring now and maybe hike up to the bluegrass ridgetops on the Kentucky side, or maybe find some more sand dunes.

I'll try to find time between all these summer activities to keep this journal updated frequently enough.
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