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06 February 2007 @ 07:33 pm
made it to Camden  
It is 7 PM. I got out of Germantown by waiting for the snow plow to come down 725 and then I pulled out right behind him.

This morning my thermometer read -10F but they were forecasting 0 to -5. They were predicting no more than 6 inches of snow anywhere around here. There are already eight inches here in Camden and it's supposed to keep falling for several hours!

I just barely made it into the village.
I don't think I'll be able to leave the village tomorrow.

I despise this weather. Period!

And that doesn't mean I hate winter -this is way more than winter, it's a frigid, dangerous version of Dante's inferno.

Every cell in my body is screaming for air that's not either painfully cold or bone dry and electrostatically charged from artificial heat. The claustrophobia from all these clothing layers is driving me crazy! And now I'll be immobilized by a foot of snow which will probably be on the ground for three weeks reflecting away the sunlight.

I can't believe I went to Louisiana last year but it was as warm here as down there, then this year I stayed to suffer through the worst winter weather in over ten years.

If only I would have found that condo two weeks sooner. Instead I am waiting to close on it now and that's why I did not escape to Hunter Camp when I saw this hell coming! My solar panels would have been safe in the garage instead of being damaged by that horrible wind over the weekend.

I apologize for venting like this here, but this journal is for describing what's going on and right now this weather is ALL that's going on!