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28 October 2006 @ 08:00 am
First, note that I have created a way to write seperate essays here and I've begun a list of them to the right. There is no content there yet, but there will be soon.

Yesterday, I drove through the pouring rain to close on the garage in Camden, Ohio.
I have spent the last week sorting many things I don't need for either discarding or giving away. I will now live with about 1/3 the stuff I had before, or about 1/6 of what I had 1-1/2 years ago.

Most of the things I no longer have were part of my library and my document filing system that I started in 1981. I have always loved to research deeply everything I have ever been interested in. That's why I made the shelves with all the file boxes.

The reason almost a whole rental van of this went to the landfill last night is because it was all information I can now quickly find on the internet so I no longer need obsolete paper xeroxes of these reference book chapters, etc.

It was still a sad week going through all these memories.
But, everything that is actually personal I still have, such as letters and family things and news articles covering my sprawl fighting activities since 1996.

And I still have kept a lot of paper maps just because I love them so much.

It is now sunrise Saturday, so I must continue moving out of this apartment which I will miss.

At least the rain is over.

I checked with the NOAA long-range forecasts, and they are saying November should finally mark the end of all these months of frequent unseasonably cold periods. And, they are predicting a slightly warmer winter is likely, but not as warm as last winter.

Last night, I put everything in the rental van from the garage I have been renting in Dayton. Most of this is the sections of the sleek modular pontoon boat I started in April and finished building the day Mom died. This will eventually be used to explore the Scioto and the Ohio and all the other waterways from my land on the Scioto.

There is more to say about all the things I am going to do today and tomorrow and next week. But it is daylight now and dry, so I have to put more things in the U-Haul van now and make my first trip to the garage in Camden now.

I will continue this description of what is going on when I have time to without jeopardizing my return of the U-Haul van on time.