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13 February 2007 @ 07:19 am
Winter Nightmare Part 3  
It is just before dawn Tuesday morning and I am staying in Camden all day because another snowstorm is underway that will last til at least midnight. There could be over a foot of snow and an inch of ice tomorrow morning. If that is true, there is going to be no way for me to get my car out of the garage and onto the streets of Camden, even if those streets get plowed.

Everything is in place to close on the condominium Thursday.

But, I do not know how snowed and iced in I will be tomorrow so I don't know when or how I will get into Dayton.

If I'm lucky, I will actually be able to close Thursday.

I got a healthy amount of exercise over the weekend but I am still getting the full range of multiple physical symptoms that I always get during long cold snaps.

Before all this started in late January, I was healthier than during any January in my life. There was very little artificial heat being applied to the air I was breathing and living in. Now, for about 3 weeks it has been the opposite. I have learned over the years that no matter how the air gets heated, it always makes me miserable. Since I also have the problems with light, carb craving, and feeling "hemmed in" by snow and heavy clothing, it is obvious my hatred of winter stems from physiology, not attitude. (The power of positive thinking only goes so far and I am way beyond that.)

I strongly sense I should lock things up here in Ohio and try to escape next week. If the warmup they were predicting comes to pass, I will be able to stay and wait for spring.

But, this morning they are already backpedalling and saying it might stay bitterly cold and snowy next week and beyond also. If that is true, I think I am probably goint to have to go south to find some naturally warmer, healthier air and some un-frozen ground.

That is why I'm so concerned about getting this condominium closing done. It has already kept me from taking a trip to get away from winter and now winter seems to be trying to extend this curse even more by keeping me stranded so I will not be able to close.