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04 March 2007 @ 11:12 am
greenhouse turned into a giant pretzel  
We had another period of moderately high wind gusts late last week, but once again something much more severe happened in the field where my garage in Camden is.

This time the small greenhouse I just bought was totally destroyed, turned into a twisted mass of metal and plastic panes.

I should have learned about the affordability of condos in Dayton and bought this one in late October.

There is some kind of micro-climate going on at that garage in Camden, so I regret buying it.

I am not going to garden out there this year if I do have a garden.

Maybe I'm over-reacting because February was the second-coldest in history, surpassed only by the horrible 1978 that we all remember.

But fears about the weather there are not all I'm concerned about.

What I want to begin doing is LEARNING to garden. I do not already know how. So why the hell should I try to do it 30 miles west of Dayton?

Maybe 5 years from now when I know what I'm doing it will make sense to grow things non-adjacent to where I live, but definitely not now.

If I want to start learning to garden I need to get a little plot at the Wegerzyn community garden along the bike trail and just north of downtown Dayton here.

I don't know if I'll ever really do anything useful again with the property I bought in Camden. I just have to start accepting the fact that, like I said, I probably screwed up big time by not considering or investigating condos before I bought that wind-whipped icebox.

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