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07 March 2007 @ 07:20 pm
solar power mounting at new condo  
Over the weekend, I devised a nice setup for my solar electrical system here at the new place. I put the remaining two working 15 watt panels outside and just below the bathroom window where they blend in with the slate roof and are in a niche so they can't really be seen from anywhere except the bathroom.

The niche also was narrow enough to put a tension shower curtain rod across to support the outer ends of the panels.

There is also sheltering from all winds except direct south winds and excellent exposure to sun all day.

It is also easy to keep the controller and battery being charged tucked under the edge of the claw-foot bathtub:

Of course, any day when severe weather or high winds are forecast, the panels will be
kept inside.

It only takes about half a minute to move them in or out.