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12 March 2007 @ 06:08 am
nice Sunday  
I am typing this while I'm waiting for the Geo dealership parts counter to open at 7:30 Monday morning. It's just a short walk across the sidewalk on the river levee.

Two bolts fell out from one of my engine brackets and I need to replace them. I must have torqued them too loose when I did the work in November.

Otherwise the weekend was very pleasant and it's so nice to have the warm March days like yesterday.

I got the kitchen window all cleaned and also repaired it thoroughly. It needed new ropes for the lower pane counter-weights and the upper pane needed some adjustments.

I have entered the mold allergy period handicapped by some lingering flu symptoms. If I get adequate rest and use my herbs properly I'll be OK to face my annual tree pollen allergy attack which will begin about the first day of spring. Each year I get better at dealing with these things but aging is the factor that must be given more consideration now.

I am still very pleased with this condo and amazed at how close I am to so many wonderful spots.

I rode the bus to the hardware store yesterday and brought back some sandwiches from the pizzeria next door. I sat on the balcony with the cat for awhile.

I am starting to think many of the units in this building are owned as secondary residences by more affluent persons, because it's very quiet, and it's easy to park right below the balcony and I don't see many other residents come in and out.

A week ago the river was just 3 feet below the 1959 100-year flood level from all the melting snow. But Saturday's rain washed all the silt and mud off the bike trail so I finished yesterday with a nice walk there at sunset.

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