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15 March 2007 @ 03:12 pm
more thoughts about work vs. travel  
As I described in my February 28th entry, I am dedicating the free time of many of my days just to thinking about certain things.

We just had two days when the weather was wonderful and today I finally felt like I am shaking off the tiredness and mild stomach aches that started when it was so cold. These were both good thinking days and I figured out some facts about my future.

First, I know for sure if I had no job I would start spending 3-1/2 to 6-1/2 months of each winter in southern Louisiana and Mississippi.

And, I also am excited about the possibilities of getting there and back by the navigable waterways between, either entirely or part of the way.

But I decided, as I've mentioned recently, that I want to just continue a prolonged flexible semi-retirement rather than do an early full retirement.

But flexible also means indeterminate so I can't be certain when or if I will get or choose to have chunks of time big enough to go between the delta and Ohio by water.

By car or Greyhound, it's a two-day trip but if I go by kayak or mini-barge, it could take as long as three weeks.

This would only make sense if the time I spend south is about three months or more. As I said, though, unless I really permanently quit my job fully at some future date, I can't assume I'll ever really find it practical and secure to be completely away from Ohio for such intervals.

It's possible and maybe even likely I will, just not certain.

So, I decided I am still going to learn the skills for such trips and acquire the equipment for and plan routes and schedules for them.

But, the learning, acquiring and planning will be limited, so they won't be a waste if I don't really do any such journeys or if I do very few.

Also, I would want to promise O'Neil that I would cut a trip short if they'd need me unexpectedly after I started one.

And, I will probably want to promise that I would do some work via telecommuting during weeks spent at my destination south.

Finally, now that I know the value of condos, I have been considering the possibility of a second one -in Jackson or Natchez, Mississippi (the two towns at or near both the southern terminus of the Natchez Parkway and the waterways).