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02 November 2006 @ 07:49 am
moved out, doing OK so far  
First, I've decided this will be the last time there will be this many days between journal entries.
Posting here is going to be a really good thing, and I want to make sure I keep doing it.

I will go no longer than four days between entries, even if all I say is that "I'm too tired for an update so I'll do one tomorrow".

That is sort of true this morning, because moving out of the city and taking my few remaining possessions to Camden and still trying to work regular hours was very strenuous.

But it has been done, yesterday was the new beginning, and now I still have a long checklist of secondary things I must do, but at least none of them need to be done right now, unlike things last week.

James and I are both doing well and have stayed clean, warm, dry, and comfortable. This morning she was playful and happy. She seems to enjoy the views of the woods and grass out of the windows, so maybe I'll take her over there to Sevenmile Creek tonight.

And, yesterday I informed Kathy and Dad that I want to visit Columbus this weekend per my plan to do so every three weeks. It will definitely be good for me, because I need to establish some new sense of normalcy.

October seemed like a whole year instead of just a month, because of the pain and sadness, the agonizing decisions, the fears of how they could backfire, and the labor of implementing them.