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27 March 2007 @ 09:01 pm
first day of Spring pictures  
March has been wonderful and this week is especially warm but of course my allergies are terrible as a result.

On the first full day of spring, Wednesday the 21st, I went for a walk to get supper downtown and took these pictures along the way.

James was snoozing on the balcony near the stairs down, but I just walked over her:

Here is the view from there showing the near sidewalk which goes directly to the Art Institute to the right and the diagonal path trough McKinley Park across Forest. I took the latter:

Here is the view of the Dayton Art Institute from the middle of the park:

...and here it is from where the park meets the river one block south of my condo:

If I go into the neighborhood called McPherson Town adjacent to the levee this is the first building I pass. I think it is one of the neatest apartment buildings in the city:

Instead, I crossed here to get up on the levee:

And from the levee path you can see the high water has partly submerged th bike trail on the far side:

Here you can see the bike path on the near side is also partly under water but I took the high and dry levee path to the Main Street bridge shown and crossed for a nice supper downtown:

When I got back, I took this picture from the front of my building looking west on Grand Avenue with Grandview Hospital on the right: