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01 April 2007 @ 07:15 pm
allergies and taxes  
They say the only things certain in life are death and taxes. For me, there's a third certainty, allergies in April.

Tonight I will do my taxes if my allergies aren't so bad I can't.

As is true every year, the more glorious the spring, the worse my allergies, so today they are severe.

There is something called "histadelia" that describes the psychological effects of high histamine levels.

I don't know if most doctors accept this as a real phenomenon or not, but I think it is real for me.

I think histamine's mental stimulant effects counter the fatigue and aches of my allergies and that's why I love Spring and Summer so much.

And, I think this histadelia and it's counter-part, seasonal effective disorder (winter depression) partly explain why I am an environmentalist and why I am so tuned in to the seasons and weather and landscapes and nature -partly because they directly effect my moods year-round.

Maybe adding histamine to water like flouride would cure people's indifference to what we're doing to nature and eliminate the denial of environmental problems by most conservatives.


Yesterday (Saturday), I helped about thirty other people with honeysuckle removal at Anderson's Fen between Yellow Springs and Enon.

This is the second year I've helped the land trust up there with honeysuckle removal. I love it and it's fantastic exercise.

Today I decided the very fast but very unstable folding kayak I bought late last summer is going to be for warm water only -mid-May through mid-September.

The wetsuit is just too heavy and inflexible for wearing in something that is so hard to control and keep upright.

If I want to go out in water colder than about 67 degrees F which requires a wetsuit for safety, it will be in something other than this kayak.

That's OK. I can still get lots of exercise by walking and biking. And May through September is 4 months, which might be long enough to keep my upper body exercised.

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