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12 April 2007 @ 10:37 pm
Nice visit to Camden  
It was disgustingly cold again today and this has been the norm since April 4th when the nice start to Spring we were having suddenly ended. But, yesterday was not bad even though it was very wet. I saw two beautiful rainbows about suppertime between me and the downtown buildings as I crossed the Fifth Street bridge.

And, Tuesday was a wonderful day with no wind and cloudless skies with a tiny amount of haze making everything look soft and warm.

I went to Camden in the afternoon with the non-motorized mower I just bought and cut the grass around the garage. The whole village looked so nice I almost wished I had brought James so we could stay there again.

Mr. Call who I bought the place from stopped by. He said his wife is doing well enough she may come back from the nursing home soon. We both noticed the hollyhocks he planted around the garage are coming up bright and green.

I took the back road from Camden to West Carrollton on the way back to Dayton that goes through the covered bridge.

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