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20 April 2007 @ 09:38 pm
Resumption of Spring  
It's 9:25 PM Friday and I'm typing this on the back balcony in the twilight. This Blackberry is ideal for this because the tiny keys glow. But James is not helping because she just jumped in my lap and is flicking her tail around and rubbing her ears on my knuckles. At least she's not terrifying me like she did a few hours ago by strolling along the railing 35 feet above the ground.

I apologize for not posting for so long again.

This time I've been spending lots of time doing research to decide exactly where in the Mississippi Delta I want to call my winter hangout in future years.

I'm now leaning toward anywhere along the east of the Mississippi, and. anywhere from Jackson, Mississippi to Baton Rouge for a "base".

The weather became wonderful again this week and it's expected to stay that way. What a relief after that horribe twelve days that began April 4th!

Tomorrow I will go to Camden to cut some grass again with that little manual reel mower. I'm really looking forward to it.

Tonight I just got back from supper across the bridge downtown.

This side of downtown is the theater area rather than the live music/bar area where I lived in 2005/2006.

I discovered though that you have almost as many choices if you eat there on busy show nights like tonight. And, if I walk over when all the other people are in the theaters and in the baseball stadium, I have all the eateries to myself for that short while so everything is fast and excellent.

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