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22 April 2007 @ 04:27 pm
back at my gravel beach  
It's now Sunday afternoon and I took my bike to the trails early. I've had my first day of warm-weather biking since late last summer. I felt the urge to just pedal all over town because I didn't get much exercise in Camden yesterday. The grass hadn't grown much at all in the ten days or so since the last mowing, probably because it was so cold.

I've been here at my secluded sunny gravel beach on the Stillwater for over an hour just watching the water and hearing the birds. I'll head home from here because I finally feel like I've had a workout.

The entire woods around the beach is carpeted with brilliant and. shiny little orchid plants. I guess they're soaking up as much of this sun as they can before the trees above begin to shade them.

It sure looks different from September and October when I was last here, with Suellyn kayaking and with Sue taking pictures.

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