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05 May 2007 @ 07:06 pm
more machine headaches  
I went to Camden again to cut grass around my garage today.

It was the first time there was really much to cut. As soon as I pushed that little mower I just got into a slightly thicker section, the gears in the flimsy wheels stripped!

That's another $70 down the toilet!

I could start ranting again about how impossible it is to buy anything that's not junk anymore since the big box stores are the only stores around now and cheap flimsy crap is what they emphasize.

What good will it do me to keep on bitching about this year after year?

Gas prices hit an all-time high here this week of $3.20 per gallon!

I'm determined to find a way to keep the 1/4 acre or less trimmed without burning gas to do it.

Today I drove the short distance to the little mom and pop hardware store in downtown Eaton and bought a weed whip that they sell blade replacements for too.

I cut the whole property with this and it looks a little raggedy but I wanted and needed the exercise.

As tired as I was, I still managed to get a haircut on the way home too..

I'm also having new trouble with the Geo Metro. It pops out of first gear every time I start from a stop so I finally gave up and am just starting from second gear. It's a pain in the ass.

Hopefully I just need to adjust the linkage which just got messed up when I was driving that short distance with the loose motor mount.

I refuse to let worrys about machines dominate my life.

No matter how much of an uphill battle it is, I will keep emphasizing simplicity so my mind can be on more important things than keeping stupid machines working right.
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