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10 May 2007 @ 08:10 pm
busy May week  
In the last post, I complained about that mower I bought at Lowes not lasting long enough for its first real test.

Well, I did more research and found there are a few other readily-available human-powered mowers out there that are probably better than the crappy model the 2 big box chains sell.

The hardware store franchises both sell ones from a domestic company.

So, I bought one of these after inspecting the display model at one of the Ace hardware stores.

It was a bargain because they had them on sale with the $20 sharpening kit included free with the $100 mower.

I will try this mower out in Camden Saturday.

It's been so nice and very warm so I'll bet the grass really got thick since last Saturday.

I also went down to Cincinnati Monday to pick up a little portable pontoon boat I ordered from a place in Idaho through a dealer at Hyde Park Square (a fly fishing store).

I should be saying more about this throughout the rest of Spring and Summer.

Finally, about my transmission that won't go into first gear, I'm going to
Walk down from the balcony now Thursday night while there's still lots of daylight and see if I can fix that by adjusting the linkage.

If I can't, unfortunately I'll be saying a lot about that in the future too.

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