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18 May 2007 @ 09:49 pm
otters and blackberries  
I am once again having an urge to go for a walk every day like I did last year when I lived across downtown from here.

Tonight it was an especially nice walk with calm winds and gorgeous hues as the sun was setting.

For the first time, I saw a pair of otters right down at my riverfront. They played awhile on the shore and then became just little streaks in the water as they swam upstream.

This week I figured out a great way to sun dry the tons of blackberries I want to harvest in June along the abandoned railroad between Xenia and Chillicothe where there were so many last year.

There is a huge slate roof up here accessible to nobody but me just to the right of the other little roof above which I hang my solar panels. I don't want to walk out there because it's too dangerous but I could spread the berries between two nets attached to a pole and stick the pole out the window to lay the nets on the sunny roof.

However, I may have few or no berries to try this on unless I find a place farther south to pick them.

I say this because I just read in the Springfield News that commercial blackberry growers around there are expecting terrible yields because of the frigid early April that followed the very warm late March.

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