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05 June 2007 @ 09:58 pm
strong signals  
I am 53 now and I am ready to gracefully accept any signals I get from my body or soul that I need to let go of and give up things I love because I'm aging.

I sensed Friday night that the adventure I took Saturday and Sunday was going to be a test of whether the things that have always brought me the most joy are still practical.

And it was a very good test because I climbed almost 600 feet up the mountain behind Bainbridge when it was 90 degrees, sunny, and humid. Then I hiked through the rugged woods almost to Pike Lake, experienced 3 hours of a freak thunderstorm deluge in my tent in the forest, and then hiked all the way back to my motorcycle by 10:30 Sunday morning.

My whole body was sore and my feet were blistered and I have scratches all over.

But just like I was still 10 years old, all my aches and fatigue were gone by today.

But the strongest signal that this very active outdoor life is still the one I must live is the almost mystical enhancement of my sleep, alertness, outlook, and senses this activity still produces.

This afternoon was gorgeous and pleasantly cool and I walked for over two hours here downtown and by the river.

I stared at the clouds and at the birds and the bridge posts and building ledges and the water and lawns and felt an overpowering but calm bliss during the entire walk. And I felt nothing but love and kindness when I glanced at others out and about, no matter who they were.

And back here on the balcony, the trees are making the summer nights good. All you see now is them instead of the city but they are keeping it cool up here and they completely muffle the noise from the downtown freeways.

And big herons from the river have built nests in them. The little babies start squawking just like all the baby songbirds around them every day at dawn.

And James the cat and I saw our first lightning bug May 30th.

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