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14 June 2007 @ 11:51 am
device to sun dry blackberries  
I am planning to pick tons of blackberries beginning this weekend and have been contemplating ways to make them into raisin-like form.

I found these items at Meijer's yesterday and hung the Bongo Nest just in time to take the photos at nightfall.

I bought the yarn needles and blue yarn to make drawstrings for the six little doors so birds can't get in and steal the berries.

But, then I decided it will be better to just make a cylindrical curtain from mosquito net that will surround the Bongo Nest and keep bugs and birds both out.

It's the same color as the berries so I don't care how juice-stained it gets.

Way up on the roof, nobody will know it's there except me and people over on Greek Orthodox church hill who might be able to see it from the distance and will think it's just some kind of Japanese lantern decoration.

The dark slate roof will radiate lots of sunlight heat toward the dryer and it hangs out far enough beyond my solar panels to get sunlight all day.