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21 June 2007 @ 07:54 am
grapes instead of blackberries  
I found Saturday morning that the blackberries along the Dayton-to-Chillicothe abandoned railroad were totally wiped out by the April cold snap. And, the stretch I got the most from last summer is being converted to biketrail this summer, with cutting and paving started. But, I am seeing wild grape vines all over doing exceptionally well right now, so I will wait until August and try to harvest a lot of these instead of blackberries now. To travel south of here to find blackberries is not compatible with my idea of how I should forage. (It should be local, and should be about learning new options for different weather, not travelling to repeat old options. The wild grapes are a good example of a new option for the different weather this summer.)

Also, if I wait til August to focus on foraging, I can focus now on fixing my Geo Metro and on boating and kayaking.

I bought a new clutch last night and hope to buy a used transmission today and a man wants to buy my Rambler for top dollar which will more than make up for the expense of getting the Geo in top shape. The new clutch makes sense because the existing one is bound to be almost worn out and it will be very easy to put the new one on while I am replacing the transmission.

As for boats, I found an inflatable last week for $120 that attained planing speed beautifully Saturday morning. Now I want to do trips to determine speed and fuel economy data for this North Pak Aquarius/Honda 2HP combination.

And, I want to become very strong and proficient this summer with the folding kayak, and learn more about what kind of travel is practical with it.

It looks like I now have 3 small portable boats that have turned out to be very practical, each for different environment and use.