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09 November 2006 @ 11:43 am
still doing well but too busy for my liking  
For over a month now, because of the big change I decided to make, the waking hours of my days have been filled with chores rather than writing, relaxing or thinking.

But, the big change was made so in the long run there can be fewer chores and more of the other things.

I am moving that way more each day so I am satisfied.

Yesterday, these were the accomplishments:

I rented a van to bring some 4' x 8' sheets of white insulation foam board to the garage. These will create a small temporary winter room in a corner of the garage where I'll keep my desk and chair and a few basics. The little space will encompass the one large window. Since the only artificial heat I will use in winter will be the small propane heater I bought, this room wil contain the heat so the temperature can rise to "room temperature" even on very cold days with very little enrgy consumed.

I then used the rented van to recycle at the Preble County Landfill several large metal shelves and other miscellaneous things I told the previous garage owner he could leave in case I wanted them. It turned out I don't.

Finally, I bought a new door knob and lock for the door in the garage because the existing one is defective.

James my cat loves the garage and shed and enclosed area between and wants to be outside constantly because it is so isolated and quiet compared to the boisterous place with so many strangers around that we left behind in Dayton. She's been hooked ever since I took her down to Sevenmile Creek on Monday. So, whenever I'm there, I let her go out and I leave the garage door open slightly so she can come back in and "help" me with my chores.

And, the biggest chore can maybe finally start this weekend -the swapping of the engines in the Geo Metro. I keep delaying this because I want to do it when I'm not tired, and I want to have everything else set up as much as possible to make it easier.