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16 July 2007 @ 06:33 am
more about our finding the cave  
I just ended another nice weekend that included one more rainshower yesterday. We're getting enough of these to cool off the sunny days and keep the plants healthy.

I've been keeping very physically active and so I continue to feel better.

So, I want to mention again that I posted a gallery of pictures from the trips Mike and I took.

The pictures of the cave we discovered north of Cass, West Virginia were taken after we parked the car along a back road about a half mile from the stream we hiked along until we found the sinkhole and cave.

It was a fairly long trek before we found it, so we spent time enjoying it and then took our time experiencing the rocky mountain pastures on the way back to the road.

As soon as we stepped onto the road, though, we were confronted by a woman who said she owned all this property.

We told her we had just been to the cave.

We were afraid at first, but when she realized we were just nature lovers, her tone went from threateniing to friendly.

We actually stood and talked to her for a long time, because she was very intelligent and passionate about land conservation and very interested in the plants and animals of her state.
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