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04 August 2007 @ 01:36 pm
a heat wave has started  
It's been quite a while since we had a really hot summer. It looks like a prolonged heat wave is underway this year, though. It started in the end of July and it looks like it will extend well into August.

But they are predicting rain tomorrow (Sunday) and we need that again.

Last weekend I went to my 2 acres on the Scioto and then I put the pictures in a new gallery (see last entry).

Brian, who lives across route 104 up on the hill came over twice so I finally got to meet him.

I had already given him permission to use my land as a place to launch his boat and catch fish in exchange for him keeping an eye on the place for me.

Now I know more about him and he knows me now too.

We decided we want a boat dock on the water because there's not enough beach.

He runs a sheet metal business so he has the skills and the proximity to build it. He is going to build a small simple floating dock.

I went farther than I expected on my boat journey so I missed meeting his wife and son when they walked over but they left me a box of vegetables from their garden. I ate them all last week.

He also said they had a bumper crop of blackberries.

That's because they are far enough south they missed that awful deep freeze in early April.

There are NO fruits at all here. There are not even any grapes on the wild grape vines and I haven't seen a single mulberry. Last year the mulberries were so abundant they were almost a nuisance and all the city sidewalks were stained with them.

I heard last week that 54 of Ohio's 88 counties are agricultural disaster areas because of the damage from the April cold snap.

At least there are walnuts forming to harvest in the fall.

I am just going to swim and do a little walking today because of the heat.

My folding kayak's inflatable stiffeners have become leaky so I am applying a marine sealant to all the joints. Then it should be all cured the next time I want to go paddling. And, I also want to get far along this weekend building the four hydrofoils I want to attach to my little kick boat. I can be working on that out on the balcony tomorrow during showers if we get any.

I had a productive week improving my computer.

I finally replaced Internet Explorer with a Firefox browser because I got fed up with the adware that kept trying to infect IE. The anti-virus stuff was absolutely necessary to keep IE working but it slows the computer down so much that I finally decided there has to be a better way.

I also set up a partition and installed Linux so now I can boot up in it instead of Windows anytime I want.

Finally, I am going to completely re-install Windows sometime next week
WITHOUT Internet Explorer.

As for this Blackerry, it continues to work tirelessly for me.

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