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12 November 2006 @ 08:02 pm
not living like a king yet but getting closer  
I am at the end of a very busy but very productive weekend.

I have still not yet swapped the engines in the Geo but everything I have been doing will make it so much easier when I begin. I mean really getting everything organized here where I must do the work, and really getting to know my surroundings in terms of who can help and where all the sources of tools and parts near here are.

I really got to know where things are down in Oxford today after having breakfast on the way at the Hueston Woods lodge. Besides things I will need for the Metro, I stocked up on things to enhance the 8-foot cube I built in the corner of the garage Friday night.

Here is a picture showing the cube and both cars:

The motorcycle is also in the garage, but there is still lots of room.

Here is a picture I just took (at night) showing the cube:

Note that I installed shades both on the large window and on the shelves where all things I consider daily needs are. These not only add heat insulation at night, but they also make the cube very light efficient.

For about $125 I constructed this cube, but I have all the light I need from the car battery via 15 watt compact fluorescents, and while the temperature is 35 outside, it is 60 in the cube, even though only a tiny 1500 BTU per hour propane heater is supplying the heat! This is equivalent to only about 2/3 the energy of a small stove burner. It will take 244 hours before one standard 17-lb net canister of propane is consumed. Each propane refill costs about $22, so this cubicle is costing less than a dime per hour to heat from 35 degrees to 60 degrees.

Also just accomplished is the uploading here of a "profile" picture (above links in upper right).

Here is the full picture:
full view of profile picture

This is one of the photos Sue took in Dayton October 21st.

I want to upload some more pictures we took on that nice day. Perhaps I will have that accomplished this week.