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26 August 2007 @ 12:42 pm
more boat testing  
The heat wave would have made the exertion dangerous if I would have been boating. But I was busy building and refining the little hydrofoils and so I wasn't really ready to get back in the water until yesterday. So it cooled down just in time.

I was fairly pleased with my first test of the foils but they need some extension and strengthening and the back pair need to move back over a foot.

I hope to test them again after these changes as early as tomorrow afternoon.

Meanwhile, today is another really nice day so I am going to walk over to the river with my folding kayak in my backpack and set it up and test it completely without the inflatable stiffeners.

They don't retain air pressure and my attempt to fix this in mid-summer failed.

It will really be great if I decide I don't even need the damn things -Then this kayak will be even more light and portable and easy to set up.

I hope the forecast for Labor Day weekend a week from now holds up. It is supposed to be wonderfully cooler -highs in the seventies.

As for the heat, and the floods around Lima and Findlay, here are some statistics I researched:

I looked at the Blanchard River gage station web site (the River through Findlay, OH where the big flood just occurred (worst there since 1913)).

The normal size of this river is only about 1/2 as big as our little Stillwater near the Natural History Museum.

The normal streamflow for this time of the year in Findlay is about 65 cubic feet per second.

At the peak, it was 15,600 cubic feet per second, on Aug. 22 !

This is equivalent to about 4 times the volume that normally flows through downtown Dayton on the Great Miami in March (the month of highest streamflow) !

It seems hot this summer because we've had so many cooler summers lately.

I wanted to compare it to the scorcher of all time for me, the summer of '88. Here's what I found:

Average monthly high/lows at Dayton Airport:

June, 2007: 83/60

July, 2007: 83/61

August, 2007: 88/68 (so far)


June, 1988: 85/57

July, 1988: 90/66

August, 1988: 88/66


Even more telling, there was only one week between Memorial Day and Labor Day in 1988 when the temperature did NOT exceed 90 and there were four weeks when it exceeded 100.