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07 September 2007 @ 06:14 pm
Greek fest and probably some rain  
Monday was Labor Day and it was hot again so I took my kayak to Caesar Creek Reservoir to explore the bayou-like headwaters where the backup behind the dam several miles away begins to peter out, and I got wet a lot to stay cool.

There were at least six herons just like the common grayish ones only pure white.

I looked these up and found they are actually egrets instead of herons and this is the northern extreme of their range.

I got out of the kayak and hiked several miles, too. The whole woods is depressingly dry and devastated by that April freeze. -There are not going to be any PawPaws or Jerusalem Artichokes or giant puffball mushrooms to forage this year. My only remaining hopes for 2007 are Amaranth and Walnuts.

On Sunday we had a nice picnic at Dad's.

On Friday and Saturday, I finally did definitive tests of the hydrofoils I made and decided they are just not practical for the small boats I have with the little 2 HP motor. The problem is I can't achieve "take-off speed".

I want to continue boating and testing into the fall and winter, though, for fun, exercise, and practical skills and knowledge.

I resumed walking this week even though the heat wave continued.
Cincinnati had it's hottest August in history but ours was only the 10th hottest.

I went to Camden but it's been so dry there was almost no grass or weeds to cut.

But, we are supposed to get thunderstorms tonight through Monday and then it's supposed to be pleasantly cool til the middle of September.

I found a 90-day outlook though that says almost the whole country will have above-average Fall temperatures. For us, precipitation will be normal.

Another thing I will be talking more about is my plan to go with six others from O'Neil to New Orleans for a week to do volunteer rebuilding work in early October.

This week I asked an animal lover that lives in my building if she can feed and check on James daily. She said she'd be happy to so now I am really ready to make firm plans for the trip.

Finally, speaking of James, she is not out here on the balcony because the annual Greek Festival just across the street behind us here at the church on the hill kicked off about an hour ago and I guess she doesn't like Greek music.

It's pretty loud but it sounds really pleasant to me from here.

James will have to get used to it because it's going to be playing all weekend.

Rain will not hamper this event because large tents are next to the church dome.

I will be doing financial planning most of the weekend because of the thunderstorms but I'll go over to the fest and get some exercise walking and biking and kayaking, too.

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