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10 September 2007 @ 11:44 am
found some wild grapes after all!  
Saturday was hot and humid so I went off on my bike up the trail along the Stillwater River intending to swim a little and then return.

But, I discovered several very healthy vines full of wild grapes along the trail.

I loaded as many bunches as I could fit in the bike bag.
Here is how they looked:

They are the nicest grapes I've ever eaten even though they are less than 1/2 the size of store grapes and are not seedless.

I turned this first batch into a large bottle of juice that I'll leave until it turns into wine.

Then, I got another bikeload of grapes yesterday.

I am going to try to turn these into raisins with the Bongo Nest. (See my June 14th entry.)

It's too bad I don't already know the raisin thing will work, or else I'd go back and get more grapes. I estimate I only harvested about 1/3 of what I saw along the trail.

Or, I could go back and get more and make wine with them but I don't know how the bottle I am making will turn out yet, and I need some type of grape press before I make more, because the method I improvised Sunday morning to turn the grapes to juice takes too long.

I'd better not go back to get more grapes just to eat now. I'm about to turn purple and gain ten pounds just from what I already ate. Next year I'll have the preservation worked out, so I can get as many as I want.

I theorize the reason these grape vines did so well but I haven't seen grapes elsewhere is because these are in a well-sheltered area in the city where the April deep frost was reduced.