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16 September 2007 @ 08:35 pm
getting back to more frequent journal entries  
Now that there's less daylight again, I'll have time when I'm up and active but not outside. So, I'll probably start putting journal entries up about twice a week again.

Here's one about today:
I walked the 2-1/2 miles or so to Carillon Park and back to enjoy the Concourse D'Elegance Car Show. There were some really interesting old motorcycles there this year.

I discovered beautiful days like this are good for turtle watching along the river. I think there are so many sunbathing because the sun and air were warm but the water is getting cold now because of the overnight lows lately.

Friday night I walked over to Urban Nights and to the Taste of Dayton fest and I got some books at the library.

Yesterday was the first time I ever took off on my motorcycle just to go touring.

I discovered a beautiful, amazing road through vast empty countryside that goes 39 miles without a jog, curve, or hill and just a handful of stopsigns. It is Ohio-Indiana Stateline Road northwest of here.

There is one town on the road, Union City, population 5400 (most on the Indiana side). It is a cool timewarp kind of place. I had lunch there at a mom and pop diner before heading further north on the stateline til the road was lined by nothing but Amish farms the last 12 miles or so before it ended. I rode really slow when I passed the horse and buggies and I waved, because I have deep respect for the Amish that continues to grow.

I got back downtown about sunset and had supper again at the Taste of Dayton festival.

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