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27 September 2007 @ 03:35 pm
fantastic year for wild grapes and raisins  
Below here are pictures I took Saturday of the raisins I harvested that day from the wild grapes I got earlier in September.

 They are excellent, just as the grapes were. We had very many sunny days and that probably helped them dry so evenly.

So, I went back up the bike trail Saturday to see if there were any more grapes or on-the-vine raisins. Actually, all the grapes I left behind before were all still there, just slightly bigger! 

Then, on Sunday, when I was in Columbus visiting Sue with Dad, Sue and I explored the newly-completed bike trail along Alum Creek. It now extends from Ohio Dominican College (formerly Saint Mary of the Springs) in northeast Columbus south through Bexley to southern Franklin County where Alum Creek joins Big Walnut and Blacklick Creeks. It will extend clear through Westerville north of ODC soon, and the trail to downtown Columbus already joins it near ODC. 

Anyway, Sue and I found numerous wild grape vines along that trail and brought a large quantity of grapes back with us, and even got some walnuts, too!