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11 October 2007 @ 08:21 am
finally feels like fall  
 I've been busy again because a week ago I got my LAST boat I am going to buy. (I promise!)  And, the same day, I found exactly the motor I expected to buy for it next year. It is a just slightly used 2007 one for a great price,  being sold by the boat store when I went there to register my new boat. So I bought it, rather than wait to order and have one shipped next year.

I know it seems like I've been buying a lot of boats the last two years.
Here's a summary of what I now have:

a very small and cheap inflatable kayak

two very small, cheap inflatable rafts

the fast folding sea kayak I bought a year ago

the nice pontoon kick boat I bought in late spring

the nice North Pak inflatable I bought earlier this summer

the 10-foot Porta-Bote I just bought

a new 2HP Honda 4-stroke outboard

a used small electric trolling motor

the new 6-HP Mercury 4-stroke outboard I just bought

all the oars and other stuff

But, ALL this stuff easily fits in my tiny condo, AND, any of these rigs can be transported with my Geo Metro without trailers, AND some of them can be transported in my backpack. Also, there is just no one or two boats that will be suitable for ALL the environments I want to explore between now and when I die.

But, at least I think I'm finally done expanding the collection. All the experimenting and testing and reasearch I've done is pretty conclusive, so I am confident there are no other boats out there that I haven't already considered.

Anyway, here's a picture of the one I just bought, which folds into something the size and shape of a surfboard for transporting it over land:

This boat, with the 6 HP motor, can exceed 15 miles per hour at over 30 miles per gallon and is big enough for the Ohio River and to cross the Mississipi River from Natchez to Mississippi.

It is the one I will use for bigger trips in the Ohio River, the Scioto, and other large rivers extending from the Ohio.

And, I will take it to Natchez and Louisiana every year in the winter for the larger rivers there.


Meanwhile, it finally feels like fall as of Tuesday. In fact, we went from July weather to November weather in 24 hours!
I suspect before this miserable cold moved in, we broke a record for August, September and early October heat. I know both August and September were nearly record hot, at over 5 degrees warmer than average, so I suspect we have never been so hot for the combined period.

Besides being busy with boats, I've been continuing to gather, clean, crack and store walnuts, and I put all my excellent raisins in containers now.

Sunday, Suellyn and I are going to Hopewell National Historic Park in Chillicothe to be part of a visit to the new Spruce Hill reserve between there and Highlands Nature Sanctuary. Then, we are going to camp at my two acres on the Scioto and go out on the river in the Porta-Bote. We will get back to Loveland and Dayton sometime Monday.

Then, I need to spend part of the last 2 and 1/2 weeks of October getting ready for my re-building help trip to New Orleans November 3rd to 10th with the group from O'Neil.