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14 November 2006 @ 09:26 am
able to just think about life again  
I am declaring the end of this transition.

It began on that early morning in downtown Dayton about eight weeks ago when I realized the mass transit politics there had deteriorated to a point that I no longer wanted to stay. The chain of events that followed are now done, because for the first time in eight weeks, I am able to view the day ahead as one to be spent however I choose. All chores are finished, and now the longer-term future can be thought about again.

The reason I am at this point even though I have not swapped engines in the Geo yet is because that is on pause for about two weeks.

I purchased an engine crane from Harbor Freight that will take ten to fourteen days to arrive. This is the only such crane available that is small and lightweight and foldable, made of aluminum and only designed for small engines like the Geo's. Cranes I could buy locally are large and heavy and cannot fit in a car trunk or a hatchback. Furthermore, my '60 Rambler is doing well getting me to work because the daily route is much more traffic-free than I expected, so I can drive as slow as I want which is good for this fragile older car.

The crane is the only tool I still needed to assure that the engine swap will be easy and straightforward. The Camden garage will be ideal for the job, and there are several good mechanics in the village within two blocks if I need help.

It feels good to relax again, and see the near future as a canvas that is still partly blank.