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18 November 2007 @ 06:36 pm
Katrina flu  
It's nightfall Sunday. I just got back from a long wonderful walk that included a visit to the library.

Even though it's mid-November the leaves in McKinley Park across from my balcony are at peak and very colorful.

At the library I got a new novel about farm life in the 50s, a new book by a Gulf War vet about his raft trip down the Mississippi River during the beginning of this horrible Iraq war, and Al Gore's new book, "The Assault on Reason".

I may be "nesting" for awhile so I need adequate reading material.

I say this because I came down Friday night suddenly and severely with what I am calling the Katrina flu.

A volunteer at Saint Jude's in New Orleans had it a few days after we arrived there, Elliot (one of us from O'Neil) succumbed to it the next day, and Pat, of Waveland, Mississippi, fell very suddenly ill with it on the way back to her car after taking us out to dinner the night before we drove back to Ohio.

The severity of the nausea attacks is bad enough, but the sudden-ness of the symptoms is amazing.

In my case, I was at a wonderful percussion concert with Suellyn and Bill Daufen and his family at Central State University. I was fine through a nice supper in Xenia, a walk, and through the majority of the concert.

Then, in just a matter of minutes I went from feeling fine to having one of the worst vomiting attacks of my life.

I didn't get up at all yesterday but felt good today.

I will probably be somewhat weak for at least a week though.

Suellyn picked me up at work Friday afternoon but she drove me straight to my condo after the concert instead of back to my car because I was so sick.

I will take the bus to work tomorrow morning and I can drive my car home tomorrow night.

I may start taking the bus to work again every day.

All the ugly stuff that was going on over a year ago ended in January, gas prices have continued to increase, and I think I've found a convenient schedule of connections in spite of the January service cutbacks.

And I just really miss taking the bus.

So, there's a good chance I'll try out the connections and if they work I might be back on the busses.

Meanwhile, I am looking forward to Thanksgiving Thursday in Columbus. I'm also happy to hear from Ed in Jacksonville that he will probably be having a good holiday even though he can't come to Ohio.

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