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23 November 2007 @ 07:44 pm
Why Don't I Go Jump in the River  
I had a nice Thanksgiving in Columbus yesterday and have been feeling even better than before I got the Katrina flu because I have changed my diet to increase my calcium.

Because it helped my allergies so much I have gradually reduced my dairy consumption to almost none in the last few years. But, I checked and realized I have been getting very little calcium because of this. So, now I am consuming a little bit of dairy again and am making sure I get calcium from other sources such as spinach to assure I have enough every day from now on.

Today, Friday, it was sunny and calm and about 36 degrees and the water in the Great Miami River was about 52-53 degrees at about 2:30.

These were excellent conditions to see what it's like to go jump in the river with a wet suit on. I want to continue boating throughout all but the very coldest part of mid-winter so I really need to wear a wetsuit in case I would ever fall in the water. (I could die from hypothermia in water less than 60 on a cold day like today.)

I learned a lot from doing this today and felt much more safe and comfortable than I expected for longer than I expected. I walked along the river for about a half mile and back after I got out to see what this would be like and it wasn't bad at all either.

So, I am giving myself permission now to begin boating in the late fall, winter, and early spring in water above about 42 degrees, as long as I wear the wet-suit, gloves, boots, hood liner, hood, and vest that I wore and practiced swimming in today.