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27 November 2007 @ 06:05 pm
Tuesday night  
I took a very nice sunset walk tonight down the streets here in Grafton Hill.

On Saturday, I biked on the trail along the Mad River to Eastwood Park and then explored along the river on foot toward Huffman Dam.

In spite of all the leaves finally being down, I still found frequent patches where walnuts are still visible for the taking, so I will see how late in the winter it is possible to continue gathering these before all have been taken away or eaten by squirrels or racoons.

This will be a fun goal for days when it will be too cold for boating, even with a wetsuit.

It sounds like the coming weekend will be a good example.

By the way, on Saturday, at the farthest tip of wilderness into downtown Dayton along the Mad River (across from Children's Medical Center), I saw a coyote on the opposite bank surprise and kill a brown duck and run into the woods.

So I want to explore along that side and see if there are deer trails that lead far out into the country and under all the bridges toward Springfield and Urbana.

Speaking of boating with a wetsuit, I tried it Sunday, in the Great Miami down in Middletown. But I went only a few yards before that second prop I modified for the little 2 HP motor failed. I needed to put the original prop back on anyway because the new one was a mistake, and then it started to rain earlier than forecast, so the prop failure was not really a setback. At least I got to drive along the levees to get more familiar with the accesses to the river down around Middletown.

I'm in a good mood tonight because we made some technical breakthroughs at work today concerning 3D models. We have been researching and experimenting with this particular issue for several years and what we discovered today means this was completely worth it. We will record the process we discovered and it will be extremely profitable for us for many years. Since we are employee-owned now, such efficiency improvements can directly affect my income, even if I do only average 32-37 hours per week instead of traditional "full-time".