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18 November 2006 @ 08:58 pm
Saturday night  
Things are still going well and I organized my finances here at the desk in the garage this morning.

I explored a little more today, then I got out the deed for the property here in Camden and studied the boundary description.

I want to care for and improve this remote corner of this village. So, I am thinking about where I could put hedges and short fences to make it look better when you drive back in here from Main Street. It's already pretty park-like except for the one corner of the back side of the IGA adjacent to my property. I think a well-placed short six-foot fence along part of my property line will not only hide this from my garage, but from the entire two acres of meadow back here.

Also, I sorted a small pile of wood left from when the last of the tile factory buildings were demolished on the American Legion's acre and a half. It's all too rotted to save, so I'll have a local hauler remove it sometime.


As an environmentalist, I was happy about an election for the first time in many years after November 7th. Beginning next year, there will be less anti-environmental activity from Congress and somewhat less in Ohio's government, too.

So, I'm actually loosening up a little now and trying to think about everyday American life as something I can care about a little bit again. In fact, I actually listened to the last quarter of the OSU-Michigan game tonight on internet radio.