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10 December 2007 @ 05:30 pm
snow pictures, another coyote sighting, etc.  
It's been really gloomy and I'm definitely struggling to stave off SAD (seasonal affective disorder) as we approach the solstice. So I've been keeping very active outdoors regardless of the weather. Yesterday (Sunday), and also Saturday, I spent the whole days in all-weather gear exploring the two gaps in the new bike trails between Dayton and Hamilton along the Great Miami to see if they were bikable even though there is yet no paved trail. I was on foot. One gap is, the other is only half-way accessible.

I saw another coyote, this one HUGE, in a very beautiful "badlands" area between Middletown and Franklin. It looked too big to be a coyote and not a wolf but apparently I mis-judged it's size because my research tells me there are no wolves in Ohio but coyotes in every county.

I also stayed active by getting out and photographing the snow in my neighborhood late last week the afternoon after it fell:

(To see these full-resolution, go to the end of the gallery):