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15 December 2007 @ 03:20 pm
at least I can walk downtown and take more pictures  
It's Saturday afternoon again and I'm downtown at the main library where it's easy to post this because they have an excellent wi-fi and fast internet and lots of tables where I can plug in my laptop which I brought in my knapsack.

All the snow from before melted by this week but at 9 this morning we started getting more. The forecast is for half a foot by sometime tomorrow. However, when I was walking downtown in the snow it just started turning to rain, which was not expected.

I went in and had a beer at Pizzeria Uno's bar because I didn't bring my umbrella.

The bike trails are all flooded and I can't hike any distance when it's snowing heavily.

So, I think since I work a little extra hours when it's gloomy like lately, I'll just spend Saturdays and Sundays downtown when we get this kind of weather.

I can use the extra money I just made working more to see a movie or play or concert, eat at restaurants, and I can also walk around a lot and even take pictures.

And if it's still raining when I cross back over the bridge to my condo, I'll just take the bus to stay dry.

Here are the pictures I just took:

James was sad because snow was covering her scratching post on the balcony:

So she lay down on her blanket and I went out:

I took this picture of my one window and balcony from the park:

Here is the snowy Greek Orthodox Church:

Here is the Art Institute:

Ed Smith's flower shop has its windows all decorated for Christmas:

Then I got across the Main Street bridge and took this picture back across the river of Grafton Hill. My condo is hidden behind all the trees in McKinley Park at the right side of the photo:

Finally, here are the pics I took before I got here to the library: