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05 January 2008 @ 08:46 am
finally feeling oriented again  
For over two weeks I have been mostly just working a lot so I can justify taking off southward if we get any kind of prolonged cold snap between now and March.

I left enough time on the weekends to do some rigorous long hikes.

These have been the key to keeping my moods acceptable and to countering the crappy things that cold outdoor air and dry, statically-charged indoor air do to my body and nerves.

And, the really cold air only stays around for short periods.

I apologize for again bitching so much about "the holidays".

I try to tune out the media almost totally in December but I need to at least follow the economy to protect my life savings.

All I was hearing about was stores open 24 hours for the "Christmas madness" while important ugly stuff was happening (an unjust vote by the politicians in New Orleans, approval of even more media consolidation by the FCC in spite of a year of public demand for non-approval, etc....)

...but let's move on now!...

Yesterday the project at work FINALLY got on track because my friends are all back to work so I have the help we need. It's even slightly possible it might be done on time in 9 days.

And Thursday night the citizens of Iowa, in both caucuses, shocked me by actually NOT passively endorsing the status quo.

But every time for over twelve years now that I've allowed myself any optimism about this "country" and the world I've been quickly shown how foolish the optimism was.

So I still think I'll be returning to my pattern of not talking and writing about such things, but instead about how I can live a moral life myself, even though any good I create will probably be nullified by other humans.

There have been times before when good was able to prevail. Just because I don't expect to have the joy of being part of such a time, I don't want to miss participating if it somehow happens.

And trying to live a better personal life can simply be fun and exciting.

I think this will be, if I purchase it for about $200:

It is a new wind generator just introduced in 2007 by an inventor in Hong Kong, specifically for small urban condos and apartments like mine.

It is about 10" high by about 6 feet wide, and consists of fans chained together and to a generator by gear teeth.

It would provide slightly more wattage than my solar panels but what's really important is that it will give me power most of these cloudy winter days when my solar panels don't.

(There is almost always some wind in the winter, even when the sun doesn't come out.)

Here are links to read and see more about the generator:


8-blade unit

There are some interesting CNN news and other videos here: