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23 January 2008 @ 08:24 am
Wednesday morning, Vidalia, Louisiana  
It's sunrise but a foggy morning about 100 feet fron the Mississippi River in our tent:

So, I'll spend some time here writing and do some more exploring when it's less gloomy.

I'll start by summarizing this trip up until now.

Saturday and Sunday the driving was pleasant because both days were sunny. I camped Sunday night along the Natchez Trace Parkway in central Mississippi and it was VERY cold. Then I got to Natchez on the Mississippi Monday which was also a nice day.

I like Natchez, and Vidalia, Louisiana across the bridge even more than ever this visit, and I was extremely pleased when I visited the new campground on the Vidalia side. For only $10 per night I have the whole "primitive" area at the south edge to myself, as you can see in the picture. And I have a nice gentle slope to the river bank about 100 feet from the tent. The Vidalia riverwalk runs about two miles beginning just north of the tent. There is a nice laundry room, rest rooms, a store, and a nice lobby at the campground entrance, and I have an excllent wi-fi connection from there to back here.

So, because things are so pleasant here at Natchez, and because the weather is not that great, I am not anxious to head south toward Point Breeze yet but will do so whenever I feel the urge.

James has been absolutely wonderful again and loves this spot and is fascinated by the barges.

WHen I was typing the last entry sitting in the car, she saw the very first one go past and pounced on the car hood to "protect" me from it, growling at it.

Yesterday was my first full day here and I spent most of it walking all around Natchez.

In spite of the fact that Natchez and Vidalia are very far from the interstates and are losing population, their downtowns and riverfronts are seeing lots of improvement and investment right now. I am very impressed with what is being built and how it complements the historic streets.

I could easily spend all week walking around just these two downtowns, so yesterday's several hours were just a sample.

I have pictures I just up-loaded, with descriptions, from yesterday's walking here:

January 22nd, 2008 pictures

Note the picture I took back across the river toward my tent where James was sleeping while I walked. Although it was drizzly, it is possible to just barely make out the tent across "Big Muddy".

The Mississippi River here is as big as it gets, except for one more tributary, the Homochitto, joining it about 15 miles south of here. Then, at Point Breeze, some of the water is diverted into the Atchalfalaya through the big control structures, so from there past Baton Rouge and New Orleans the Mississippi is actually smaller than it is here at Natchez and Vidalia.