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27 January 2008 @ 10:34 am
more nice hiking in Louisiana  
I just put some more picture with descriptions here:

Jan. 23-26, 2008

including this one of James:

In the last 48 hours I took two wonderful hikes, the first for several hours from our tent south along the Mississippi River, the second yesterday along Bayou Cocodrie in the Red River Wildlife Management Area down toward Point Breeze.

On the first hike I found a beach with hundreds of very pleasant smelling orange fruits on vines with elm-like leaves. I am anxious now to find out what these are.

Then, yesterday, I found some nuts that look like walnuts that are flattened like disks instead of spherical.

James really enjoyed going with me on yesterday's hike although sitting on my lap during the drive to and from Red River WMA was perhaps her favorite part. She is a very enthusiastic hiker when we are in a really remote quiet place.

Friday night she stayed in the tent while I crossed the bridge for supper at Bowie's Tavern in Natchez, a very historic place. It was packed and noisy because all the participants in the parade marking the start of "carnival season" decided to gather there after the parade was rained out (according to yesterday's Natchez Democrat).

Last night, since she was such a good cat all day, I took James with me for supper on Main Street in Natchez. We parked next to two cats on the sidewalk outside of Breaud's Steak and Seafood, and she watched them and the horse and carriage and passersby from the car while I had smoked salmon and a beer inside. I brought her out some of my salmon which she really liked.

Today (Sunday) is going to be my last full day here before heading back north on the Natchez Trace Parkway tomorrow.

I miss everyone in Ohio so I will enjoy being back, and I will have wonderful memories of my time here.

James and I will do some more hiking now to make one more memorable day.

Although I never used my boat and motor, I am glad I brought them because I learned how easy it is to travel with them, and because I definitely would have taken them out if there would have been more warmth and less rain. And, I now know all about the shores and accesses and safe harbors from all my exploring, so I will be ready to go on the waterways when I come down to these places again.