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31 January 2008 @ 07:52 am
back to Dayton and work Thursday morning  
This will be the final summary of the exciting trip James and I just completed yesterday.

First, here are samples from the gallery of pictures from Sunday, our last full day in Louisiana:

Here is the gallery, with descriptions of the photos:

Sunday January 27th

The trip back was pleasant the first day, Monday, with sunshine again along the Natchez Trace Parkway, and we camped just south of Tupelo.

Just north of Kosciusco, I noted the spot I observed coming down, and I was convinced a recent very strong tornado had done the damage to the trees there. (This is the first time I've mentioned this.) So, I stopped in a hamlet called French Camp, and sure enough the clerk in the general store said a series of tornados had struck that area on January 10th, killed two people, injured over a score, and destroyed many homes and a school.

The next day, Tuesday, I would be dodging the same kind of weather.

When the Parkway ended at Nashville, it started raining, and then it fell in torrents the entire rest of Tuesday.

On Tuesday night the radio and the Blackberry were telling me some very severe weather would hit just after sundown, so I decided to find a town with a motel and wait this out. We found a nice, cheap one in Glasgow, Kentucky and watched the severe line pass through the window and on the Louiville TV station's special coverage of the storm and the damage it was causing.

Actually, we were south of the worst part of it. When James and I entered the condo about 5 PM last night, the weather was sunny and calm, but my bathroom window had been blown open. The guys at work this morning say the wind was incredible here in Dayton.