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06 February 2008 @ 01:38 pm
glad I took my trip when I did  
As I mentioned in the last post, I saw severe tornado damage in Mississippi that occurred about a week before I was there.

Then last night at least 17 people died in tornadoes in the towns I travelled through both ways just this side of Nashville, including Lafayette, where I stayed at a motel the first night of my trip:

January and February are not normal months for such severe weather. I was lucky enough that my trip fit neatly between these two events.

Super Tuesday was also going on in Tennessee and in the other states with tornadoes.

I've been rooting for Barack Obama, and I'm excited to see that he did well. As of lunchtime today Wednesday, he now has 838 total delegates and Clinton has 834!

I've still felt pretty crummy with my winter blues but I felt I needed to put a journal entry up today.

At least my trip helped and it was nice to go to Columbus on the weekend and it's not very cold.

February is usually my worst month of the year for moods but then I get these wonderful fleeting visions from my subconscious that cheer me up.

I don't usually start getting these until February.

They are elusive flashes or flashbacks where I see and sense Spring and feel a surge of energy again. I don't really know how much they originate from inside my brain and how much they are spiritual from outside. But these "glimses of heaven" pull me out of the end of winter every year and I love them.