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19 February 2008 @ 08:45 pm
Historic Day for map enthusiasts!  
I'm typing this when I'm very burn't out and celebrating late with a beer and a meal at Margarita Village in West Carrolton, so bear with me...

Today I discovered by accident to my joy and astonishment that Windows has won the battle with Google to be the first to provide free interactive high-res color oblique air photo coverage of the country on the internet!

To a map and travel nut like me this is like being an aviation nut in 1903 and learning that the Wright brothers just learned how to fly!

And, the way I discovered this today was so illustrative of how valuable it will be...

I was frustrated because I zoomed in on a boat ramp on a high-res satellite map on local.live.com and could not see if there was parking there because it was beneath a bridge. Then I happened to notice that the "birds eye" button in the menu was not "grayed out".as always. I could not believe my eyes when I clicked on it and suddenly, the view changed from flat to oblique close-up and I could see the stripes on the asphalt under the bridge and I could rotate the virtual camera to the other sides of the bridge also for even more investigation!

Then I zoomed way back out into space and zoomed into Dayton, about 300 miles north of the bridge... The capability worked for downtown Dayton too and I "flew" around my condo and balcony and I felt as if I was really in a helicopter just above my neighborhood on a bright spring day.

...obviously there will be more said about this new tool here soon...

for now I need to get home and get some sleep now because I was at work very late tonight playing with it after I discovered it there...

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