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29 February 2008 @ 12:31 pm
busy planning future journeys  
It's been 10 days since the last entry, so it's definitely time for an update.

I am anxiously waiting for Spring but it is still cold so I used the time to really do deep planning and research to devise new ways I can travel and explore.

I realized that the Greyhound buses, now that they are always 100% full are extremely energy efficient (equivalent to probably about 300 miles per gallon per passenger).

If I want to still be an avid explorer and traveler now that oil is over $103 per barrel and will keep rising, I will definitely be using these Greyhounds.

Yesterday, when I was walking downtown, I asked the man at the station about that absurd plan from late 2006 to move the station way up to the distant airport. He told me it is not going to happen. The crazy ex-suburbanite downtown newcomers who were trying to "cleanse" the station from downtown must have given up.

Here is an example of the interesting types of trips that I have dreamed up that would include Greyhound travel:

I'd walk to the station in Dayton with my folding or my inflatable kayak in my backpack, take bus to Columbus, walk to Scioto River, float to my property and camp, float the last 20 miles to the river's mouth at Portsmouth, get on the Amtrak from there to Cincinnati, then return to Dayton on Greyhound. Or, I could float the Ohio River in place of the Amtrak leg but this would take longer.

I've figured out many more such trips, and they are fun to design because I love to study places and routes on the air photos and topo maps on the internet and to study my paper maps.