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31 March 2008 @ 12:41 pm
got car fixed, want to move on  
I made some very serious commitments and decisions in March, then for two weeks I put everything on hold because my stupid car needed an engine swap again.

I finished this yesterday and it appears to be a success, so I can get on with my life now at least for awhile.

Where did I leave off?

Oh yeah, I was trying to establish a second "place" where I can be among things I love, but without abandoning this life, where those things are vanishing because most of my fellow humans don't care about them. And, I had decided I need both lives to stay mentally healthy -the new one because I need that love of place, and the old one, because I need the people I love and they still need me. Also, I need to hold on to my old life because I am too pessimistic about the future in America to give up my job here without stashing away even more money than I already have.

Will this work, and how will it work?

All I did so far toward the new life was conclude feasibility (theoretical), and then I rented a pair of starting points (a parking spot for a land craft and a parking spot for a water craft).

What is next? Or, are there responsibilities and people here in my old life that need to be thought about first?

Saturday was my birthday, and these are my first questions as a 54-year-old.