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06 April 2008 @ 05:52 pm
first really fine weather in five months  
I'm typing this about seven miles south of home sitting on a wooden bridge just off the bike trail.

I am wearing my shorts and yet I feel comfortable even when the breeze picks up because it's so warm and sunny.

It's been about five months since this was last the case.

After a few more days like this my winter blues will finally go away completely for another year.

But five months is too long for me.

That's why my new plans for a future that includes time spent considerably south of here make sense.

I spent the past six days refining the details of that future, but also thinking about how I will best use all the time here in Ohio the rest of my life because I'll always be here.

The other thing that appears to be shaping up for 2008 is healthy weather for blackberries at least so far. Last year we had that very warm late March followed by a severe freeze in early April and this killed ALL the blossoms.

On Friday I helped with the rescue of an injured goose.

He must have been struck by a car because he was huddled by the windows along the art department and he seemed unable to use his legs.

We put him in the back of my Geo wrapped in a blanket and took him to a vet in Kettering who was willing to either treat his injuries or euthanize him.

Tomorrow we will ask the doctor what he decided.
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