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06 May 2008 @ 07:10 pm
wonderful Spring continuing  
May has begun as an extension of the wonderful April we had so I again tend to neglect my journal because I'm always outside.

I enjoyed May 3 and 4 in Columbus, and now I am planning adventures for the upcoming 2 weekends now that I am committed to learning how to live on the inland waterways as my "semi-retirement semi-home".

I have invented 22 "bases" for this transition, the farthest being Natchez/Point Breeze (where I went this winter) and Rose Trail/Colbert's Ferry (where I was in late April).

This coming weekend, I will be enjoying the Ohio River, from my 3rd nearest base, Louisville.

Then, on May 16-18, I will kayak down the Little Miami, from suburban Dayton to Cincinnati, with 4 other guys from O'Neil (local, closest base).

Think of these trips this year and in coming years like Apollo missions in the 60s -designed to test ideas and tools, to advance knowledge and experience, and to create familiarity,
-so that a different kind of life in places I formerly feared as dangerous and unknown can be lived.

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