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21 May 2008 @ 06:53 am
bailed out of river trip early, looking forward to holiday  

Last night I put some of our photos here from the Friday-Sunday (May 16-18) adventure:

Little Miami River trip gallery

Lots of description is included, so I can be more brief about it in this post.

As I mentioned, we left right when the river reached flood stage, and it was the second highest level in over three years, 10 feet higher than it was before last Thursday's rains.

My sea kayak is totally unsuited for these conditions because it is too hard to steer, so I stopped after just six hours.

And the other four continued to have a rough time but they made it to Cincinnati a day early because the current was so swift.

So now on Wednesday I am looking forward to Memorial Day weekend in a few days. The weather should be nice.

I will not do any more journeys until the weekend after, May 31-June 1.

And I've decided to focus a little more throughout the summer on building my camping skills instead of emphasizing boating too much.

Both require important learning and practice so I can't let either one be overshadowed by the other.

2008 is increasingly looking like it could be the year I have been fearing for such a long time -the year when peak oil really slams the economy it's death blow. I hope the collapse stretches out more gradually because I'm still not really ready in spite of all my years of preparation and because I am worried about my friends and family and poorer people.

It is good I am focusing on the personal adaptation and learning, the investment monitoring, and the planning, because that keeps me distracted from the politics and the distorted views of what's happening among others.