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28 May 2008 @ 05:33 pm
more nice days  
The Memorial Day weekend was nice, and today is gorgeous even though yesterday was rainy again.

James and I are sitting on the balcony relaxing as I think about the summer upcoming.

But a happening from last week made me decide something about future winters -that I need to do some "artificial" exercise, because my efforts to just stay very active have not been enough to keep my muscles fit.

Last week I got a scare because my abdomen ached right where my appendix is. I went to the emergency room, and I was relieved to learn I just had strained abdominal muscles rather than an appendix about to burst.

This was probably related to my kayak trip, but it wouldn't have happened if those muscles had stayed adequately toned over the winter.

And, the bursitis I had from late fall until late April was also due to a change in the frequency of exercise, in that case exercise of my shoulder rotator cuff muscles.

Somewhat related is the situation with my winter moods -I grew somewhat depressed in February even though I maximized my exposure to daylight all winter. But, there just wasn't enough daylight, because this winter was so unusually cloudy.

The doctor reminded me that I used light boxes and ion generators years ago with success, and that every year there is more and more proof that they are really effective for winter depression, even more so than Prosac.

What all this means is that all my efforts to just stay very active in winter are not quite enough.

I also need to supplement this with at least some "artificial" therapies, such as aerobics and calesthenics, and extra light and ions.

These will be far cheaper and more directly effective than pain killers for my muscles and herbs or medicines for my winter moods.

Staying very active and escaping south in the winter is still very valuable and pleasant, but it's just not quite everything.
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