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03 June 2008 @ 12:02 pm
finally found something I've been hunting for over six months  

This is a picture of the "groundnuts" I found Sunday, June 1st, on a sand dune next to the Ohio River, during my latest boat adventure.

I've been looking for a colony of these ever since I read this article last fall:

Stalking the Wild Groundnut" -Orion Magazine, Nov-Dec, '07

Last night I cut up about twelve of these and fried them like hash browns. They smelled very much like potatoes but only better, and they did not stick or break apart like potatoes. They browned more evenly too.

I can't believe how delicious they are, I guess because they have a little more sugar and protein than potatoes. I shared some this morning at work and everyone agreed.

These are definitely my favorite forage food now, even better than blackberries!